Pilgrimages, have existed to sacred places as an act of cult and religious devotion for thousands of years. Today we often associate the tradition to medieval migrations, to sacred places as Jerusalem, Rome, Santiago de Compostela and Nidaros (the former name of Trondheim). After the Viking king Olav Haraldsson was killed here at Stiklestad, he was brought to Nidaros. The shrine of St. Olav in Nidaros was visited frequently by pilgrims from all over Europe, voluntarily or as part of contemporary criminal system.

In 2013 the St.Olavsleden (The St. Olav’s way) was re-opended. It stretches 564 km through Pilegrim-logo.jpg.90.800.600.2012. and Norway – from the Bothnian Sea to the Atlantic. The route starts in Selånger (near Sundsvall), Sweden, where Kong Olav is said to have stepped ashore in the summer of 1030 after several years in exile. He marched his army to Norway, determined to take back the throne in the country he was banished from. The journey ended here at Stiklestad, where he met a larger resistance army, led by local chiefs on the 29th of July in 1030. The battle of Stiklestad represents the introduction of Christianity in Norway. The battle and the saint king made it possible to Stiklestad to act as a symbol of both Christianity and the kingdom.

Since the re-opening, an increasing amount of modern pilgrims have found their way on the “Nordic camino”. The way is well marked, with signposted and labeled with the recognizable St.Olav way label. Shelters and accommodations are established along the route. The walk is a travel through a picturesque Scandinavian nature, clean air and water, exciting historical highlights and friendly people.

Stiklestad is chosen as both an ending point and a starting point for many who break up the walk in shorter distances. Even those who have walked other St. Olav’s ways into Nidaros, chooses to end their journey here.Gjesteloft og Stikllastadir juni 2016

We can offer accommodation in Stiklestad Hotel and in a Viking longhouse (only for groups more than 10 persons), we also have a brand new guestloft where our visitors can stay. Special prices for pilgrims with the pilgrim’s passport.

For more information: www.stolavsleden.com



Pilgrimpassport can be purchased for NOK 50

For tips and more information contact Arnstein Indahl arnstein.indahl@snk.no or phone +47 74 04 42 00