The Medieval Farm Stiklastadir

The medieval farm Stiklastadir is  offering new and exciting activities for everyone.

Stiklastadir is a stately building, 36 metres long, 8 metres wide and 7 metres high and with beautiful carvings. The building consists of two large rooms. The banqueting hall and the dwelling hall/house/room.

The banqueting hall thus acted as a place where the chief would gather his friends to feasts in order to build alliances and confirm friendships. As our guest You ca join in the feast at Stiklastadir! For groups You can also combine a coffee or lunch–stop at Stiklestad with a customized guided tour at Stiklastadir.
Stiklastadir is open all year around for groups and is located only a short walk from Stiklestad National Cultural Centre and Stiklestad Hotel.
In the summer season the Medieval longhouse Stiklastadir is alive with activities everyday for all ages.


At Stiklestadir you can enjoy many activities with crafts, farm work and children’s games. Learn how to light a fire with flint and steel, shoot with bow and arrow and sew your own skin purse. Or maybe you’d like to try being an archaeologist? Listen to exciting stories in the longhouse and experience a guiding around the Middleage market and buildings. We have also made Our own recreation of «the Battle at Stiklestad» where kids get to dress up as a viking and figth With sword and shield! Stiklastadir is open 24. June – 13. August