St. Olav Conference April 20th – 21st

Welcome to the St. Olav Conference April 20th and 21st

Antemensale RGB 300dpiFrom Iceland to India
– A Thousand Years of St Olav Churches

St. Olav Conference is a collaboration between Norwegian University of Science and Technology, The Restoration Workshop of the Nidaros Cathedral and Stiklestad National Culture Centre.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), The Restoration Workshop of the Nidaros Cathedral and Stiklestad National Culture Centre  are now inviting for a conference on the legacy of St. Olav. This is a hidden common heritage, but nevertheless an interesting rediscovery of a route and a cultural heritage that includes all of Northern Europe. We have invited an interesting group of academics to present their work during the conference.

The aim of the conference is to generate interest for the legacy of St. Olav, to expand the pilgrim route and this kind of cultural and spiritual tourism, into relevant countries – and to build a scientific network for further research and cooperation on this tangible and intangible heritage that belongs to us all.

The conference will be held in Stiklestad National Culture Centre, collocated with the Stiklestad hotel.
Stiklestad National Culture Centre is a national hub for telling the story of Saint Olav and the Battle of Stiklestad during the Middle Ages. Here you will find old, historic buildings alongside new, modern buildings.This provides a wonderful link between the present and times past, as do our broad range of experience packages. Elements from the Viking Period can be found throughout, including the hotel interior.

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