At Stiklestad in the year 1030, Norways most famous battle took place. The viking King Olav Haraldson fell in battle while trying to take back his reign as king of Norway. He lost the battle, but became a martyr and the patron Saint of Norway. The battle and Olavs death marks the transition from viking age Norway into medieval times. At Stiklestad this is celebrated every year in the end of July, with an large outdoor theathre; The Saint Olav drama, and festival gathering up to 50 000 people.

The Stiklastadir Historical Market is an important part of this festival. The market focuses on viking age and early medieval period (ca ad 800 until 1300), and we velcome both good salesmen and skilled craftsmen working with these periods. The market is situated on the fields below the reconstructed viking/medieval farm Stiklastadir. On the farm are several houses, with a viking longhouse/hall and a medieval guesthouse as the largest. On the farm craftsmen, traders and reenacters meet the public and each other to sell, produce and exchange goods, to work, demonstrate, experiment and entertain.

We seek skilled and engaged salesmen, skilled craftsmen and other entusiasts with a heart for the viking age or medieval period, to bring life to the field below the historical farm Stiklastadir. We want you to fill it with crafts, goods, experiments, entertainment, games and knowlegde for all to take part in.

If you would like to contribute with your skills to make this market an unforgettable experience for all the people gathering here, young and old, contact us through the form below!

As a participant on the Stiklastadir historical market you get:

  • to put up your tent and camp free of cost on the field below the longhouse, with free access to firewood and water
  • the possibillity of accomodation in the longhouse
  • free ticket to the outdoor theatre «The Saint Olav drama»
  • low cost breakfast in the longhouse each morning
  • easy access to showers and toilets
  • experience the reconstructed longhouse and other buildings on both the viking farm and the folk museum.
  • stay in a beautiful part of Norway, with fields, fjords and forests.
  • and you get to participate in a great festival with a lot of visitors!