Welcome to Stiklestad

Stiklestad is the battlefield where King Olav Haraldsson fell 29. July 1030, and he became known as St. Olav.

The battle of Stiklestad represents the introduction of Christianity in Norway. The battle and the saint king made it possible for Stiklestad to act as a symbol of both Christianity and the kingdom.

Let us take you on an historical tour of Stiklestad. Experience the exciting cultural history of Stiklestad through the medieval farm Stiklastadir, The Saint Olav Drama and festival, exhibitions, the Folk Museum, guided tours and other activities. The excellent course and conference facilities at Stiklestad Hotel are ideal for all kinds of meetings. Why not organise a family get-together at this historic site?

Stiklestad National Culture Centre and Stiklestad Hotell wishes its guests a cordial welcome all year round!