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Welcome to Stiklestad – with something of interest for the whole family!

Come and visit Stiklastadir - a farm from the Middle Ages;the Folk Museum with the Theatre «The family silver», Molåna Café and The Barn Playhouse- see the wooden animals in the barn; or join a tour with one of our skilled guides.



Period:  21. June – 7. August

Step back in time on the farm Stiklastadir, where you can experience history in action with our communicators, making your mind and imagination fly. While children dress up in order to enact the battle itself, adults can see and learn how life was at that time. Amongst other things, learn how to light a fire with flint and steel, archery, or maybe you want to try your hand at being an archeologist? In addition, the folk museum offers many activities for children and adults alike. Read more about our magnificent history activities on

Family offer: accommodation for up to 2 adults and 3 children

Includes: accommodation, breakfast and entrance to “Viking Summer” with daily activities.

Price: NOK 1950,-

Booking,booking code: 380VIKING
Or tel. +47 74 04 42 00. E -mail: [email protected]



Join one of our guides who will give you an insight into the history of the saint-king Olav and show you around the area where the battle took place.



A permanent exhibition which you enter from the courtyard. The exhibition covers the transition from pre-Christian time to the period after the battle of Stiklestad, when Christianity had become solidly established in Norway.


For many people, Stiklestad is best known as the location where "The St Olav Drama" is performed during the Olsok days each year. "The St. Olav Drama" has always been a collaboration between professionals and amateurs. "The St. Olav Drama" is referred to as “The mother of all dramas". In addition to the actors, musicians and singers a very large volunteer unit is needed, and "The St. Olav Drama" would not be possible without the enormous effort and high-quality engagement from hundreds of volunteers.

27., 29., 30. and 31. JULY 2022 19:00



Langhuset | Stiklastadir | Stiklestad Nasjonale KultursenterTHE LONGHOUSE

See how the Chieftain of Stiklestad may have lived during the Viking Age. Listen to stories from the time prior to the battle.


Gjesteloftet | Stiklastadir | Stiklestad Nasjonale KultursenterTHE GUEST LOFT

An elegant loft based on the architectural traditions of the Middle Ages is now open. Join us in the Guest Loft and listen to stories about the changes given rise to by the Battle of Stiklestad. The building houses an impressive assembly hall and beds for overnight stays.


Viking for en dagDRESS LIKE A VIKING

Borrow Viking clothing, a helmet, a sword and a shield. Have your photograph taken and play freely in the castle and Viking ship.



Stand with the peasant army or with the King’s troops and fight like a Viking with sword and shield!




The church that stands here today is a medieval stone church erected between 1150 and 1180. It has been and still is a well-known and cherished place of pilgrimage. History tells us that the church was erected over the site where Olav Haraldsson was killed in 1030. 11:00 – 18:00 (11. June – 11. August)


Olavsstøtta | Stiklestad Nasjonale KultursenterTHE OLAV MONUMENT

Norway’s oldest memorial monument, which is a memorial to St. Olav.



Saint Olav, sculpted by artist Dyre Vaa in 1973.



The largest outdoor stage in Scandinavia. Each year, at the end of July, the Saint Olav Drama is played here and it is also an excellent arena for other theatre

performances and concerts. The amphitheatre has 4.500 seats.


St.Olavs kapell (katolsk) | Stiklestad Nasjonale kultursenterOLAV’S CHAPEL

A Catholic chapel set up in 1930 in connection with celebrations for the 900th anniversary of the battle of Stiklestad.


Hellige Olavs kapell | De ortodokse kapell | Stiklestad Nasjonale KultursenterHOLY OLAV’S CHAPEL

A Russian Orthodox chapel, originally from Folldal. Rededicated

and opened in 2014 at Stiklestad


The Folk Museum at Stiklestad consists of over thirty buildings, most of which are from the 1700s and 1800s. Among other things, the collection consists of a bakery, roadman’s house, crofter’s cottage, mill, joinery shop and shore-dweller’s cottage (for a fisherman who owns no land). The Museum area is a good meeting place and a

great recreation area. At Molåntunet, a typical Trøndelag farmyard, you can relax with a cup of coffee in the sun, served by hostesses from the Molåna café from the year 1898. In the Tenthouse (a regimental arsenal building) you will find a war exhibition and an exhibition about the history of our roads.



Enjoy coffee and delicious cakes served by the hostess of Molåna House.


Ingeborg Anna i leikefjøset


Vegvoktertunet is a favourite location for the smallest children. Here you can find wooden animals waiting to be looked after, fed and played with. In The Play Barn there is a cow, a horse, sheep, hens and a small family of pigs. A fine calf was born to our cow in the spring and a family of mice has moved in. You will also have the opportunity to try walking on stilts and skipping with a rope.