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Step back in time at Stiklestad, where you can experience history in action with our communicators




WELCOME HISTORY: A resounding welcome greeting, an evocative legend or a humorous anecdote from the history of Olav. Duration: 5 -10 minutes.

GUIDED TOUR AROUND HISTORIC STIKLESTAD: Join one of our guides who will give you insight into the history of the Saint king Olav and show you around the battlefield. Duration: about 2 hours.

GUIDED TOUR OF STIKLESTAD CHURCH:   Stone church from 1180, erected on the site where Olav Haraldsson was killed in 1030. Duration: about 30 minutes.



The chieftain Kolbjørn Gunnarsson invite you to a guild feast at Stiklastadir. We will sacrifice to the gods who have given him healthy and strong sons. The Chief shows his greatness in the form of a tasty meal in an adventurous atmosphere with warm and cold dishes, beer and wine of that time. His sister has also returned to the farm to help him with the feast.

8 -90 persons

Duration: about 1,5 –3 hours

Included: Buffet with warm food and dessert. 2 units of wine/beer. Alcohol free options.


Langhuset | Stiklastadir | Stiklestad Nasjonale KultursenterA TASTE OF THE VIKING AGE

We will take you into the Viking Longhouse at Stiklastadir, where you will learn about the role of the Chief as political and religious leader prior to the year 1030 AD. We will serve you an aperitizer from that time period, and our own Stiklastadir-beer.

10 -90 persons

Duration: 1 hour

Included: Aperitizer and beer


Vikingtevling | Styrk samholdetVIKING COMPETITION

Let the Chief of Stiklastadir lead you through the battle between King's Army and the peasant army, but this time as a friendly game of war. Here you can try your hand at activities such as archery, crossbow, leg wrestling, and other fun competitive games.  Form ranks for battle! Remember to not only use your body, but your head, too!

20-100 persons

Duration: 2 hours


Spelamfiet | Stiklestad Nasjonale Kultursenter


A surprise encounter with hard core elements of the King's Army. Somewhere on the road to Stiklestad you will be stopped by the King's Army, who storm the bus to find men and women to be recruited into Olav's army, or to be servants of the King. With lots of humor, good stories and a bit of seriousness, you will be taken in military fashion to Stiklestad.

Duration: 30 minutes


BOOKING: Tel. +47 74 04 42 00. E -mail: [email protected]



Period:  24. June – 6. August 2023

Step back in time on the farm Stiklastadir, where you can experience history in action with our communicators, making your mind and imagination fly. While children dress up in order to enact the battle itself, adults can see and learn how life was at that time. Amongst other things, learn how to light a fire with flint and steel, archery, or maybe you want to try your hand at being an archeologist? In addition, the folk museum offers many activities for children and adults alike.

Family offer: accommodation for up to 2 adults and 3 children

Includes: accommodation, breakfast and entrance to “Stiklestad Summer” with daily activities.

Price: NOK 1950,-

BOOKING: Tel. +47 74 04 42 00. E -mail: [email protected]